Student Lens – New Jersey with Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto

As part of Optimum Community’s “Student Lens” program, the Memorial High School student body and community members viewed a special screening of a video produced by students that chronicles a day in the life of Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto. The video was filmed and edited in its entirety by students, with technical guidance supplied by Cablevision’s Local Programming Department. A $1,000 grant from Cablevision was given to the school to cover production expenses. Assembly Speaker Prieto attended the screening event and spoke about his experiences working with the video students at the school. After the screening, he participated in a Q&A with the students in attendance.

“It’s important that young people today are aware of just what public service entails,” said Assembly Speaker Prieto. “I congratulate each of the students involved in the production of this video on a job well done. It provides a clear and concise view of the workings of our government and the day-to-day responsibilities of an elected official. I also applaud Optimum for bringing this project to Memorial High School.”